SA.MAST Hospital

2015 was an exceptional year for us, marked specifically by the building and equipping (veterinary equipment) of our animal hospital in Khayelitsha. Our original clinic (the first of its kind in SA dedicated to CHANGING the status quo of animal welfare in Khayelitsha and permanently established in February 2009) was only equipped for our mass animal sterilisation and primary treatment programme, while our animal ambulance responding to calls from the community for help, was forced to travel great distances to outlying hospitals to secure general medical treatment. This resulted in hours of travelling for our staff to secure treatment for only a handful of patients at a time.

Our full-time mass sterilisation, primary and general treatment animal hospital is a facility that now caters for increased sterilisation patient numbers and the provision of general and emergency veterinary treatment in a dignified, safe, warm and educational environment for cats, dogs and their disadvantaged, but responsible and compassionate guardians.

To date, SA.MAST has sterilised over 24 000 Khayelitsha cats and dogs and provided general and emergency medical treatment to thousands of sick and injured cats and dogs. SA.MAST has a 90% sterilisation and primary treatment coverage goal for all of Khayelitsha’s 28 disadvantaged / township areas!

We are entirely dependent on the public’s support to improve and save lives. Please consider donating to SA.MAST.

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