Your Legacy – Wills and Estates

Leaving a Legacy is a deeply personal reflection of who you were, what you stood for and it becomes your way of ensuring that your final wishes are carried out exactly as you would have wanted them to be.

Your Legacy will drive our mission forward in assisting informal and disadvantaged areas in their urban renewal and rehabilitation.

To address the causes and consequences of the overpopulation of diseased, stray, neglected, abused or dangerous domestic animals in specific areas – via the implementation of free, consistent, focused and goal driven mass animal sterilisation, treatment and education campaigns – supported by animal ambulance services and our hospital where it is most needed, is our contribution to the humane development and well-being of our rainbow nation.

As easy as it is to make and/or amend a Will, we strongly recommend that this be done through a qualified advisor/attorney. They will ensure that your wishes, as directly stipulated in your Will, are executed correctly. If you have already made a Will and now wish to include a gift to the South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust (SA.MAST), please complete this codicil form and take it to your qualified advisor/attorney where they will be able to ensure that your wishes are carried out. It is also important that both you and your qualified advisor/attorney inform us in writing of such intentions.

To alert us of your Legacy intention, please contact our head office.

Here are three suggested ways to leave a Legacy in your Will:

1. Residuary Gift:

This is where you leave the residue of your estate to us – be it your entire estate or a specified percentage of your estate (once all fees, debts, taxes and other gifts have been paid). A residuary gift stays in line with inflation automatically and it also means that should your circumstances change, you will not need to amend your Will.

2. Specific Gift:

You can specify that item/s of value be left specifically to SA.MAST. These could be property, stocks, shares, jewellery, etc.

3. Pecuniary Gift:

This is where you specify a sum of money be left to SA.MAST.