Birthdays are great fun and a time for celebrating. To receive presents is amazing – but to give is so much more rewarding!

Now YOU have the opportunity make our cause YOUR cause by pledging your Birthday to help the four-legged friends you love so much.

It is so easy – simply complete this easy peezy Birthday Pledge Form, click Pledge and read “How it Works”.

Birthday Pledge

Birthday Email Addresses

Would you like SA.MAST to send a letter to your nearest and dearest explaining that you have pledged your birthday? If yes, please fill in their email addresses below.



PLEDGE your Birthday!

Pledge your birthday by completing our form above and share your pledge with your nearest and dearest to let them know what a special and generous person you are.


SHARE your Campaign!

When your birthday is near, SA.MAST will send you a reminder and to start your BIRTHDAY CAMPAIGN. All you need to do is ask all your family and friends to donate an amount of their own choosing in honour of your special day.

1) Please remember to tell your friends to use YOUR ‘name+B-day’ as their deposit reference.


2) Email us their proof of payment to so that we can personally thank them and send them a Section 18A Tax Deductible Donation Certificate, if they require one.

Please check out our Tips for a Successful Campaign PDF to help you promote this!


HOW YOU made a difference!

100% of ALL monies you’ve helped to raise will be used exclusively in our mission to radically reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens born into communities that are unable to support and care for them, by providing a FREE animal sterilisation and primary treatment service to the Khayelitsha community. As we are 100% reliant upon public donations, we are only ever able to carry out the great work that we do because of Birthday Angels like you! THANK YOU!