We dreamt of a hospital, where every scared, hurt or injured animal who came to us for help, would have a place to heal, where the young and old could learn how to look after their animals (and themselves) and finally a hospital with enlarged  mass animal sterilisation facilities.

Old facilities where MUCH was accomplished!

On a clear, crisp and beautiful Autumn Day, our old, structurally sound containers, but not suitable for our new hospitable, were loaded up to be donated to their new homes, a creche in Site B of Khayelitsha and a crèche in Mfuleni a few km from Khayelitsha.

In the middle of an epic Cape storm in June 2015, our new and barely converted shipping containers, 7 in total to form a single structure, began to arrive on our cleared site.

After terminating the conversion contract with an independent contractor due to there being weeks and weeks behind schedule, SA.MAST  took over the conversion process. Jirk Nel, SA.MAST Trustee and Master of all trades, took over, got us back on track and met our roof wetting deadline of 31 August 2015!

Finally, the hospital we had dreamt about and worked so hard for!