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Attention Kennel Builders!

Have you been wondering where your kennel went and who the lucky dog is?
Well here is Part 1 of all the BEFORE and AFTER photos of the kennel delivery campaign for you to enjoy….

Just a quick note though: You will notice in many of the photographs that the dogs are being tied up incorrectly in less than ideal conditions. It's a fact that in many of these cases the law is being broken, but there is precious little animal related law enforcement taking place in Khayelitsha.

We are planning to send you a special newsletter exposing how dire the situation is and what we want to do about it, but for now we want to briefly tell you about two new projects we are going to engage in:


The basics of OPERATION RUNNING WIRE are that we would like to employ a small team from Khayelitsha and equip them with everything they need to erect wire runs for dogs. This campaign will not only make the world of difference to many, many dogs (perhaps even thousands) in short spaces of time, but it will also compliment our mass animal sterilisation and primary treatment programme. Every home we visit to install a running wire will be an opportunity for us to collect the names and addresses of cats and dogs who need to be sterilised and receive their primary treatments.
Stay tuned for a detailed report!


OPERATION SHELTER is just as important. We are in the middle of conceiving an ingenious way of providing shelter to hundreds, if not thousands of dogs too. We're not yet ready to go public with the details of OPERATION SHELTER either, but I can tell you that we are getting really, really excited about it!

If you would like to be involved in or support OPERATION RUNNING WIRE or OPERATION SHELTER please email Tamsin Nel at Remember: We are an audited Non Profit Trust and Public Benefit Organisation and we can issue tax deductable donation certificates. Oh and we're also 100% BEE compliant!

All of the kennels have been distributed. If you can't spot your kennel below, just keep an eye out for Part 2 coming to you towards the end of October.



We would like to thank Ledge Designs for very kindly donating 100 long lasting signs that were nailed to each and every kennel. These superb signs will serve as a permanent reminder to the pet guardians of our FREE mass sterilisation, primary treatment and emergency medical assist programme.

LEDGE DESIGNS: From business cards to bill boards!

Ledge Designs


Are you aware of the massive animal over-population epidemic in Khayelitsha?

Do you know that large numbers of animals and people suffer horrendously because of this?

Are you willing to HELP? Not just think about helping or talk about helping, but actually HELP?



It takes less than two minutes!

Donate We do not want to cancel any more sterilisations due to insufficient funds!

If you really care, DO SOMETHING about it!

To date our facility has successfully hosted 178 mass sterilisation and primary treatment days. Almost 5000 patients have benefitted from our FREE services.

Other Ways to Support SA.MAST:

Please give us the means to effect unprecedented change by supporting our mass animal sterilisation programme in any of the following ways. Please remember that we can issue Tax donation certificates!

  • Make a SECURE CREDIT CARD donation on our website:
  • Make a DIRECT DEPOSIT, our bank account details are: SA.MAST, Nedbank. Acc no 1676031707, Bcc: 167609


For more information contact:
Tamsin Nel, CEO, South African Mass Sterilisation Trust
Tel: +27 (0) 21 712 2170 | Cell: +27 (0) 84 778 1215
Email: |


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