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SAMAST November 2013


Following the armed robbery at our clinic on the 19th of September we were forced to take radical steps to ensure the safety and security of our staff and patients. Coin Security donated and installed six cameras at no charge.YOU GUYS ARE ROCK STARS!

In addition to the cameras, 86 meters of palisade fencing and a remote controlled access gate with intercom has been erected to create an 'inner safety zone'. But to cover the enormous cost of the gate, fencing and intercom we had to steal from Paul to pay Peter and our mass sterilisation and primary treatment programme may take a severe knock.

SAMAST Security

But even with all the trials we have faced this year, SA.MAST and our supporters have made it possible for us to PREVENT hundreds of thousands of unwanted births, RESPOND to hundreds of medical emergencies, PROVIDE primary treatment to thousands of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, DELIVER shelter and ERECT running wires for hundreds of needy dogs and RESCUE countless starving, neglected and abused cats and dogs.



SA.MAST is incredibly grateful for your assistance and for standing by us through thick and thin. We are a little bruised and battered,
BUT we are STILL standing thanks to you.


Now though, we have to look to the future and harsh reality facing SA.MAST. It is heartbreaking that we may have to slash our mass sterilisation & primary assist programme for the next four months in order to recover from all the hard knocks of the 2013 year.

We are pleading to you to help us with one last big push and in return we PROMISE to continue to give you the donor, every reason to be proud of us and the thousands of pet guardians in Khayelitsha who rely on SA.MAST to help them to be responsible and caring guardians.

How you can help:

• No donation amount is too small! • We can issue Section 18A Tax Donation Certificates


Hassle your boss to throw a dog a bone! Can your company afford to sponsor just one sterilisation per month at R450 per patient or perhaps make a once off donation?
Go to or email to arrange.


Fill out a debit order form, for an amount of your own choosing on our website:


Make a SECURE Credit Card donation on our website:


Make a Direct Deposit, our bank account details are:
SA.MAST, Nedbank. Acc no 1676031707, Bcc: 167609


Raffle off a prize at your end of year function and donate the proceeds to SA.MAST.

Please don't forget to let us know about your donation, we ALWAYS appreciate the opportunity to say thank you. And please remember we have an open door policy, if you want to visit us just drop us a line.

Khayelitsha Activity Report:
01 January – 01 November 2013


1511 sterilisation procedures have been successfully performed on cat and dog patients from Khayelitsha. All patients were collected from and returned to their homes.

Bite Wound

More than 600 patients have received emergency medical care / intervention. Please note that many of these patients received repeat treatments too for conditions such as TVT or mange.

1511 patients have been vaccinated / inoculated at our facility.

Bath Time

About 5000 patients have been de-wormed at our facility or at their homes.

Over 8000 patients have been treated for ticks and fleas at our facility or at their homes.


About 15 tons of cat and dog food has been distributed to needy pets.

Over 50 dogs were released from a life of misery where they were tied up with short pieces of rope or heavy chains. Happily, they are now on running wires.


Over 250 dogs / puppies have received specially made kennels and easy to clean waterproofed cushions. The majority of the kennels were made at our annual kennel building event on 31 August.

Mom and pups

Over 100 animals were surrendered to us (the majority were re-homed) or confiscated by the authorities after we contacted them and asked for assistance.

For more information contact:
Tamsin Nel, Founder & Director,
South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust

Tel: +27 (0) 21 712 2170 | Cell: +27 (0) 84 778 1215
Email: |


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