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Because of your support SA.MAST has in the last two months managed to sterilise and provide primary treatment to 309 cat and dog patients at our clinic in Khayelitsha! We have also been able to respond to 66 medical emergency call-outs of which only 8 patients have had to be humanely euthanized. But that's not all, we very luckily managed to rescue and re-home 3 dogs, 11 puppies and one cat too. A special thank you must go to Stacey, Natisha, Kerry and Anoux of PETS for their much needed help with the rescues and to the PDSA for their invaluable veterinary assistance.


A Story of Hope...

A group of concerned Town Two Khayelitsha residents called our office during the month of May to report that an abandoned dog had been struggling to give birth. Cindy, one of the residents told us that it had been about five hours since she had gone into labour and that she looked like she was dying. Thankfully we had a vehicle available and were able to respond immediately. While Olli was on his way to the vet, we had only a few minutes to decide whether or not to save her life if it was possible to do so. Our challenge was to find her a foster mom or dad that would be willing to look after her while a 'forever' home was looked for. Within fifteen minutes we received the news we were hoping for and the decision was taken to try and save her. She spent four days in hospital, after which she was taken to her foster mommy and within two days she was adopted.

We know for sure it is because of our mass animal sterilisation programme together with its humane education component taking place in Khayelitsha that we received the call for help in the first place. We are terribly grateful and proud of the Town 2 residents for making that life saving call and equally proud of and grateful to our donors for allowing us to be there for them.

Before and After

Are you aware of the massive animal over-population epidemic in Khayelitsha?

Do you know that large numbers of animals and people suffer horrendously because of this?

Are you willing to HELP? Not just think about helping or talk about helping, but actually HELP?

It takes less than two minutes!

Can you afford R50 a month? R300? R100? R80? Make a MONTHLY contribution to the SOLUTION!
We do not want to cancel any more sterilisations due to insufficient funds!

If you really care, DO SOMETHING about it!

To date our facility has successfully hosted 178 mass sterilisation and primary treatment days. Almost 5000 patients have benefitted from our FREE services.

Other Ways to Support SA.MAST:

Please give us the means to effect unprecedented change by supporting our mass animal sterilisation programme in any of the following ways. Please remember that we can issue Tax donation certificates!

  • Make a SECURE CREDIT CARD donation on our website:
  • Make a DIRECT DEPOSIT, our bank account details are: SA.MAST, Nedbank. Acc no 1676031707, Bcc: 167609


For more information contact:
Tamsin Nel, CEO, South African Mass Sterilisation Trust
Tel: +27 (0) 21 712 2170 | Cell: +27 (0) 84 778 1215
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