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SAMAST Lotzery Winner

But first…
A message from Tamsin Nel,
Founder & Director of the SA.MAST Animal Clinic.

Dear Visionaries

2017 has been another very long, but very productive year for SA.MAST.

This year we have broken all previous sterilisation and primary treatment records, finishing the year off at just over 2000 cat and dog spay and neuter patients collected from their homes in Khayelitsha. In total, we have sterilised over 15 000 animals in this vast community.

In addition, our hospital, built in 2015, has already healed and provided primary treatment to thousands of cats and dogs belonging to a largely impoverished community. But while the community may be impoverished, the majority of its residents are very much choosing the compassionate and responsible path towards animal guardianship – made possible by you.

Radically reducing cat and dog populations and massively improving the health and welfare of the both the animal and human residents of Khayelitsha, on the scale that we do it, is because we stand on the shoulders of Kings and Queens. If I could, I would take your hands in mine, look you in the eye and on bended- knee, say thank-you to each and every single person who supports the work we do.

Early next year we will be presenting on the one hand, some very good news and on the other hand, we will also be forced to reveal a few very disturbing facts, figures and uncomfortable truths. There can be no sustainable solution to a problem, if the problem itself is hidden from the problem solvers.

Because what we have to tell you is so important, we are going so far as to make a documentary.  An incredibly talented team has already been put together and the filming, editing, post production schedules have all already been finalised.

The big reveal will be in March 2018. Keep an eye open for your invitation.

In the meantime, I wish you a very Merry Xmas
and Happy New Year


SAMAST Tamsin Nel

1209 ticket entries were received, but 44 tickets were not paid for
and removed from the draw. As promised 25% (R29 125)
of the total amount earned from ticket sales is the prize money

From the SA.MAST Animal Clinic Team and the Khayelitsha Community,
we thank each and every one of you for supporting our LotZery
fundraising competition and making a Win-Win situation possible


On the 11th of December, Karen Musingwini of Vantage Chartered Accountants
& Registered Auditors in Tokai, drew the winning ticket number 1168.  
Thanks for the help guys!

SAMAST Lotzery Draw


SAMAST Lotzery Winner

Ms. Bev Schram

"What a thrill to have received a call from Tamsin this afternoon - the prize is a wonderful windfall. We would like to give my 88 year old Mum an iPad loaded with photos of her family so that she can have continuous photo's flip through of happy memories of the times spent and shared with her children and grandchildren."

"We also hope to have a trip down the Wild Coast early next year too which is our special happy place. Thank you SA.MAST for making this possible!"

"I've also decided to donate R4 125 of the winnings back to SA.MAST to assist them with the outstanding contribution they make to the Khayelitsha community and society as a whole."

"Yours is an organisation that not only alleviates the suffering of our furry friends, but goes to extreme lengths to prevent it in the first place. Congratulations SA.MAST for sterilising over 2000 Khayelitsha cats and dogs this year!"

"This is a truly, truly remarkable feat which has prevented the suffering of tens of thousands of cats and dogs. Not to mention the thousands of cats and dogs that won't now need to be rescued because they were never born in the first place. I donate to SA.MAST every month via debit order too and I know my money is being well spent."

"I look forward to the day the City of Cape Town acknowledges and supports the work you do. At the very least they could introduce proper mandatory sterilisation by-laws regulating the breeding of cats and dogs."

All My Love,


For more information contact:
Tamsin Nel, Founder & Director,
South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust

Tel: +27 (0) 21 715 2054 | Cell: +27 (0) 84 778 1215
Email: |


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