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SA.MAST Lotzery Winners

2000 tickets at R100 each was up for grabs. 1057 ticket entries were received, but 42 tickets were not paid for and removed from the draw.

As promised 25% of the total amount earned from ticket sales is the prize money, but because we did not manage to sell 2000 tickets in total, a decision was taken to award a 1st and 2nd prize only on a pro-rata basis.

From the SA.MAST Team and the Khayelitsha Community we thank each and everyone of you for supporting our LotZery fundraising competition and making a win-win situation possible!.


On the 7th of December Lt Colonel Cilliers of the Kirstenhof Police Station drew the winning ticket numbers 249 & then 1045. Thanks for the help guys!

SA.MAST Lotzery Draw


Ticket 249:
1st prize & winner of R17 762.50!

SA.MAST Winner

Ms Tal Yariv

"You made my day! It is with great pleasure that I have decided to donate my first prize back to SA MAST! Tamsin, you and your team are an inspiration to us all, your determination, hard work and dedication is awesome and so inspiring"

"SA.MAST is proof that the power of individuals can impact the lives of so many beings and alleviate so much suffering. I will continue to be a proud supporter, thanking you for all that you do. We all can make a difference and leave a legacy of a kinder world for future generations."

"Wishing you and your team a blessed festive season.
P.s Selfie is of me and our late beloved Buzz"


Ticket 1045:
2nd prize & winner of R7 612.50!

SA.MAST Winner

Mr. Edward Murray

"I've been supporting SA.MAST for many years, because as an organisation, they are goal orientated and not prepared to settle for a band-aid over a stab wound kind of solution.  I am completely aware that the overpopulation epidemic of domestic animals in disadvantaged areas requires long term, dedicated campaigns to reverse the epidemic and bring about transformation that is measurable and sustainable.  SA.MAST is an organisation who truly works at the root of the problem and doesn't just treat the symptoms. They really do put the 'mass' into 'mass animal sterilisation'! I'm super stoked that I am one of the winners as I'm really cash strapped and will use the funds to help pay off my credit card! I've also just let SA.MAST know that I've arranged for my company to donate an under-counter water filtration system as a prize to help them raise funds in 2017."

the SA.MAST team

For more information contact:
Tamsin Nel, Founder & Director,
South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust

Tel: +27 (0) 21 715 2054 | Cell: +27 (0) 84 778 1215
Email: |


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